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SDS 7.5.0 (May 3, 2019)


  • Calendarmeister page warns if a calendar event does not have the out of class dates set
  • Test page filters for students with accommodations
  • Test booking from test room page looks back 60 days for eligible tests
  • Link from LR Advisor page to student preselections; remove old markCollectionPeriod information
  • Added new migration to add Cholera to list of vaccinations
  • Update regex graduation subrule to help with partial credits (e.g. English 10)

SDS 7.4.0 (April 5, 2019)


  • Added up button if top is more then 300px off the top of screeen(RT# 23686)
  • Removed new/old_return date and replaced with smiply return_date from CSY (RT# 23789)
  • Update menu descriptions for Preselection submenu
  • Fix print_errors issue in preselection (RT23722)


  • Removed flag that was preventing Targets from showing on All Boarding funnel (RT# 23707)
  • Increased filter result to 100 on Web Apps page
  • corrected filter sort issue caused by new pagination and way data filtered as presented request
  • New page for correlating course marks for student cohorts
  • LR Upcoming Tests page respects both sets of settings: all connections or mine, and flagged or not flagged accommodations (#23723)
  • LR test room page updated - shows cancelled tests, some formatting changes, test_log buttons updated (#23723)
  • New LR Test Board page (#23723)
  • Section predictions: check to see if course end date for next school year is set before creating courses with a null end date
  • Add additional grade combinations (9,10 & 9-12) to dry run protocols
  • Allow subject and course data to be updated outside their school year
Teacher cover
  • Teacher cover admin page only shows primary (i.e. FTE) courses
  • Add period conflict warnings to timetable build pages (room/block and teacher/block) if courses are scheduled with the same room or same teacher in a period


  • Make assignment comment not visible to student when the assignment mark has not been released.

SDS 7.3.0 (March 8, 2019)


  • created new pagination class to combat large querys that were causing memory overflows
  • Added (ID) to returned search results to correct for cases where two people have same name


  • Added newly created pagination class to application/import.php page to combat memory overflow issues specifically on imported page but applied to all for cosmetics(RT#23458)
  • Invigilation sessions page does not output rooms with no exam tables set up (RT#23441)
  • Invigilation session page can alter the resource it is attached to (from those resources held by the parent event)
  • Invigilation session page allows drag-and-drop assignment of "busy" teachers
  • HoD preselections page indicates required courses
  • HOD preselection and Preselection info pages show timetable space values
  • Edit subjects page correctly tests course sort order values before saving
  • Add invigilation to teacher timetable (RT#23440)


Academic Advisor log
  • Remove outdated categories
Advisor Stuff
  • Added check to correct formatting issues caused by sending PS jobs to PCL printer in Print Queue page(RT#23565)
  • Added Sort to printing of Event labels so that it goes by student lastname first(RT#23643)
  • New page to allow resource bookings to be moved from one event to another
  • Manage event page removes any RETSLRA's before trying to remove an event_test
  • Removed Staff Directory(RT#23631)


  • Added check on Student Directory to make sure parent had active students(RT#23630)
  • Updated medical form verbiage to new verbiage(RT#23411)

SDS 7.2.1 (February 14, 2019)


  • Corrected password hashing issue that was preventing new users from being able to login (RT#23485)

SDS 7.2.0 (February 8, 2019)


  • Adjusted LDAP servers us use sha512 as default and adjusted code to crypt app passwords with sha512 (RT#16970)
  • Added check to verify accounts correctly when needing to update or reset external accounts (RT#23310)
  • Fixed bug in menu remote procedure call that will fail under PHP7.2
  • Adjusted Search to show common first/last name instead of legal first/last name on all non legal lists(RT#23046)


  • Added option to remove fee_status and country from student funnel (RT#23168)
  • Resourcemeister will auto-email requestors when accepting a resource_booking request, as well as when denying one.
  • Provide event_test functionality to indicate whether there are discrepancies between students registered in the courses of the event_tests and those added as attendees of the parent event (e.g. for exams) (RT#23126)
LR Test Room
  • Fix broken page when exam seat belonged to a student who has dropped the course
Online Forms
  • Added check for communicate everything to primary care giver for medical forms (RT#13275)
  • Added Check to see if person was applying a student to K-3 more than 18 months early and hid all areas except Student info and Other (RT#23167)
  • Hide grade selector when printing list subjects page.


Academic advisor log
  • Allow bulk adding of academic advisor log records
  • Copy UseRadio and IsMajor values when creating a copy of an existing assignment.
  • Fix invigilation times if the invigilation_session is edited after teachers have signed up
  • Link error message to invigilation_session page if user attempts to delete a session with invigilators attached
LR Testing
  • Improved detail when auto emailing LR testing administrator from student accommodation requests
  • Added Link to my timetable and each teachers individual time table on free teachers page to open in new window(RT#23133)


  • Corrected issue that was allowing split parents to see each others info in Medical forms(RT#23377)

SDS 7.1.0 (January 11, 2019)


  • Updated jquery from 1.12.4 to 3.3.1 to protect against potential EOL issues in the new year
  • Updated jquery-migrate from 1.4.1 to 3.0.1 to prevent things from breaking
  • Added jquery-migrate.min.js to prevent debugging in production
  • Added check in overrides/header.php to utilize stability status and use debugging on beta and alpha
  • Updated jquery-ui from 1.11.4 to 1.12.1 to remove some of the deprecated functions from jquery update


  • Fixed alpha sorting for student list in edit_student_field
  • Updated teacher rollover to include IncludeCoverInvigilation data
  • Added Landed Immigrant field to Student details(RT#14742)
  • Adjusted Incoming Permanent Record Card to be simply Permanent Record Card (RT#18469)
  • Corrected race condition with was preventing declined students from showing if declined filter was applied (RT#22363)
  • Add javascript return confirm when deleting a block


  • Corrected issue preventing import if there where two main teachers for subject (RT#22858)


  • Added Quick search to edit reports page (RT#22503)
  • Added LR and IEP filters to Output reports (RT#22023)
Canned Reports
  • Adjusted Class List-Attendance report to display fee status instead of EXP (RT#18475)
Event scheduling assistant
  • Added Accommodations summary to top of View persons events page (RT#20417)
  • Invigilation sessions page shows invigilators and whether signup is open
  • Show timetable_day on invigilation signup page
Test scheduling
  • Tests cannot be cancelled while there are LR accommodation requests
  • Course upcoming tests page shows start time of test or exam; only provides link for event to event owners


  • Corrected issues with ajax url call in IE 11 that was failing due to unsupported call (RT#22731)


My Courses
  • Improved layout and cosmetics in order to close (RT#20175)

Online Appications

  • Added Common Law bullet to parent options
  • Added trim to all text fields to prevent spacing issues(RT#18420)


  • Add functionality to prevent students selecting more courses than will fit in their timetable (RT 22028)
  • Add functionality to automatically add any required courses during pre-selection (RT 22028)
  • Add additional fields to Academic Missing page (RT 20418)

Resource booking

  • Fix error where booking change email did not correctly highlight the changes event for the resourcemeister
Weekly booking
  • Corrected issue that prevented seeing other resources after returning from booking a resource (RT#22781)


  • Updated date areas in the Student registration Area
  • Adjusted Link text on Apple Financial
  • Updated Registration form to have new Chief Financial Officer's contact info

SDS 7.0.0 (November 30, 2018)


  • Fix glitch when returning cumulative courses on edit subject page (RT#22402)
  • Added status to students listing in subjects (RT#22504)
  • Corrected Student list to clear up error on no student classes (RT#22504)
  • Define whether particular teaching FTE is subject to teacher cover and invigilation (RT#22612) --NEW

Calendar export

  • Lessons calendar export checks tests for being cancelled


  • Simplify process of creating new invigilation sessions
  • Allow invigilation manager to see all sessions for an event, or all sessions for a day, at once
  • Copy invigilation session structure from one room to another RT#19821 --NEW
  • Include javascript warning if impersonation is set when an invigilation is being selected by a teacher --NEW

LR Test booking

  • Allow reassignment of student's booked testing seat to an alternate space
  • Add flagged accommodations only filter to LR upcoming tests page

Mark Collections

  • Link student concerns/interventions to advisor pages
  • Various tweaks to concerns/interventions reporting
  • Add department filter to students concerns interventions page
  • Fix to advisor page to highlight only current Reports MCP (RT#22604) --NEW

Student information

  • Added email link to LR connection on student information page

Teacher cover

  • New page for viewing future covers
  • Improved teacher page, including who is covering my absence