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Here is a collection of documents we have written about how to set up various parts of our infrastructure. As they may be useful to other schools and businesses, we have made them public under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

General Help

Staff Technology Information (staff and faculty only)

SMUS Windows 10 FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Windows 10

SMUS Connectivity

SMUS Virtual Desktop - Access your H: drive and lab programs from home (this is the easy method)

SMUS VPN - Access the SMUS network from home (warning: much more complicated than using Virtual Desktop)

SMUS IPv6 - Information about the IPv6 transition at SMUS

SMUS Windows 10 Notebooks - Information about the new DirectAccess functionality in Windows 10 notebooks

SMUS Printing

SMUS Papercut - How to print from pretty much any device

SMUS Papercut Mac Password Change - How to change your password to keep using papercut.

SMUS Email Configuration

Information about the new email system

How to access shared mailboxes

Device Type New Existing
Android New Device Setup Password Change
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) New Device Setup Password Change

SDS Calendar Exports

SMUS Calendar for Staff (staff and faculty only)

SMUS Calendar for Students

SMUS Wifi Configuration

Device Type New Existing
Android New Device Setup Password Change
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) New Device Setup Password Change

SMUS Dorm Wired Connection

SMUS Windows 8 Dorm Wired Connection

SMUS Windows 7 Dorm Wired Connection

SMUS Mac OS X Dorm Wired Connection

SMUS Captive Portal

SMUS Skype For Business (Instant Messenger)

SMUS Skype For Business

SMUS Microsoft Teams

SMUS Microsoft Teams - Initial Setup

SMUS Microsoft Teams - Regular Use

SMUS Microsoft Teams - Copying Files from OneDrive

SMUS Adobe Lightroom

SMUS Adobe Lightroom

SMUS Google Apps Configuration

SMUS Google Drive - Purchasing Additional Storage (staff and faculty only)

SMUS Google Drive Windows

SMUS Google Drive Windows - Setting Folders to Sync

SMUS Google Docs Web

SMUS Google Drive iOS

SMUS Google Drive Android

SMUS Infrastructure Configuration

We set up a freeradius server that does authentication against our Active Directory server. It has various virtual hosts for authenticating different groups of users, with VLAN settings for certain recognized names, simultaneous use restrictions, and specific hours of service for other groups.

SMUS Wireless Configuration